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It was clear to me from the start that traditional education wasn’t ‘the thing’ for me. But after a few months of trying to become a philosopher, I thought my only true skill in life was baking eggs.

I didn’t want to become like my great grandfather working with food all day, he founded Unilever creating margarine. Still, infected with the entrepreneurial food virus I ended up starting a basement diner called ‘Eggsperience’ in Amsterdam’s city center.

I realized I would be better off limiting the food fetish to my own kitchen the moment I found myself laying an egg on building the ultimate food app.

That was it, I quit scrambling eggs and headed back to Uni. There I participated in the pilot programs of both CareerFoundry in Berlin and the Growth Tribe in Amsterdam. They taught me all about UX design and ‘growth hacking’. I was never happier and felt like a fish in the ocean.

At present, I am the Head of Growth for several medium size companies responsible for the online product development and building up the business. Designing their product, funnels and implementing measurable online marketing campaigns. I grow business online.

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I do

Product Design & UX
Create a product people actually want.
Growth Hacking
Technical Marketing, Growth Marketing, Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing etc. etc.
Visual Design
Adobe CC & Wireframing
Project Management
Managing designers & developers.
You don't know what that means?
Data Driven
Every decision is based on it!
Problem Solver
I possess a very practical brain.