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It was clear to me from the start that traditional education wasn’t “the thing” for me. But after a few months of trying to become a philosopher, I thought my only true skill in life was baking eggs.

I didn’t want to become like my great grandfather working with food all day, he founded Unilever creating margarine. Still, infected with the entrepreneurial food virus I ended up starting a basement diner called “Eggsperience” in Amsterdam’s city center.

I realized I would be better off limiting the food fetish to my own kitchen the moment I found myself laying an egg on building the ultimate food app.
That was it, I quit scrambling eggs and headed back to Uni. There I participated in the pilot programs of both the CareerFoundry in Berlin and the Growth Tribe in Amsterdam. They taught me all about product design, UX Design, and my favorite, Growth Hacking. I was never happier and felt like a fish in the ocean.

At present, I am the Head of Growth for several medium size companies responsible for the online product development and building up the business. Designing their branding, storytelling, and designing and implementing measurable online marketing campaigns. I grow business online.

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I do

Product Design & UX
Who is your user and what motivates them to use your product?
Business Development
What are the most logical next steps to build out your business?
Branding & Storytelling
How does your brand portray itself to it’s users and/or customers?
How do you measure the return on your investment?
How to stay - just a little bit - independent of expensive developers? ;-)
Online Ads
How can you make your target demographic aware of your brand and story, and increase conversion?
Conversion Rate Optimization
How do you improve your product to meet the desired goals?
A/B Experiments
In which form does the product achieve it’s goal the most?
Adobe CC & Wireframing
How can you visualize ideas?
E-mail Marketing
How do you stabalize and maintain retention?
Tools Marketing
How do you automate and iterate on online marketing strategies and product development?
Search Engine Marketing
How to get your product in front of more prospects through search?
Affiliate Marketing
How can you empower word of mouth and advocacy?
Content Marketing
What story are you communicating to customers?
How does your target wants to be spoken to?
Search Engine Optimization
How can you get your product in front of more prospects without paying?