Growth Hacker
2015 – 2016

Catawiki is an online auction house for special objects. What started out as a platform to buy and sell comics turned out to be the ‘E-bay for collectors’. When I came to work for them they had just finished their second round of funding of €80 million after an initial round of €60 million. At the time they made around €8 million / week in revenue. When I came to work for Catawiki, I was employee 320, when I left less than half a year later they had about 900 employees. Not many people had thought the collector’s niche was THAT lucrative, haha!

My responsibilities at Catawiki:

  • Increase simple sign-ups / week.
  • Increase seller registrations.
  • Fix and grow the referral program.

Harmen Visscher
CMO at Catawiki
‘’I experienced Niels as a real growth hacker. He’s a creative -multi-skilled- guy full of ideas/hacks on how to grow our business. Besides this it was fun working with him.’’

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